Press Clipping

This US-born but UK-raised singer, who you might’ve heard but couldn’t name on any regional radio or even BBC Radio 2 or Radio from the many jingles she’s lent her voice to, collectively known as ‘Queen of the Airwaves’ is stepping into the spotlight with her worldwide international debut single, A Little Light, ready for release 15th September by Sapien Records.

There’s a story behind the song, too. Her ebullient pensive pop, in both the track and the video, shows her fresh attitude towards sexuality – though it’s heavy, too. “I was in the middle of a hard break-up with a guy who I had been with for years,” she explains, “But I had also fallen in love with a girl who I had been seeing for a while – even though she lived in America. Every time she came to visit we would act as if we were together. Eventually I met another guy who completely changed my life! We started to hang out a lot and he just made me feel better about everything! He knew about this other girl and my hard breakup with my boyfriend and respected me but we were both falling in love. It was so hard for everyone involved. So even thought it was a real transition time in my life he was literally my little light that helped me get through the emotional mess I was in.”

See Rider at any of her select London live shows: Water Rats, King’s Cross on Tuesday 19th September, or at Camden Assembly Hall on Monday 30th October.
‘Make sure you are coming along for the Rider!’